Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How to use up old fruit and vegetables?

So you had great intentions when you went shopping. A week ago, your fridge and fruit bowl was filled with gorgeous, shiny fruit and vegetables. Some of it was put to good use, but what are you to do with the stuff you simply didn't get time to use. Here are some ideas on how to reduce wastage and still use that healthy produce.

Apples, pears - Peel overripe fruit, dice, steam, puree or mash then freeze in 1/2-1cup portions. This cooked fruit puree makes a great addition to crumbles, cakes and muffins and can help you cut back your sugar and fat content when baking.

Bananas - Peel, cut away any bruises, wrap in cling film and then freeze. Perfect for smoothies, muffins, cakes, pikelets, or dipped in chocolate for a frozen dessert.

Carrots - Peel and cut off any bad spots. Steam, puree, and freeze for use in bolognese or tomato based sauces. The sweetness of carrot balances the acidity of tomatoes.

Courgette, cauliflower - Steam, puree, and freeze in ice cube containers. You can add a sneaky cube to many different dishes to boost the vegetable content of your meals.

Herbs - Finely chop wilted herbs. Place in ice cube tray, cover with water, and freeze.

Tomatoes - Dice overripe tomatoes in lots of 3-5. Freeze cut tomatoes in small containers or bags. These make a great substitute for tinned tomatoes in pasta, meat sauces, and stews.