Thursday, March 17, 2016

Alkalising diet

Here's a fact. The pH of your blood is 7.4, which IS slightly alkaline. If it drops below 7 or rises above 7.7, you will DIE. That's right, so why on earth would you want to mess with that equilibrium in the first place, even if you could.

The body is actually quite amazing. It manages to maintain the blood pH at 7.4 through a series of mechanisms as it circulates through the body.

What you eat will not affect the pH of your blood. Firstly, the stomach pumps out a strong acid to digest food. Stomach acid has a pH of 3. If food wasn't acidic before it enters the stomach, it sure will be after. And even if you gulped a whole bunch of antacids, your amazing body and stomach will soon regulate the acid to return it to it's perfect food-digesting pH of 3. It's a pointless battle.

Then the food is pushed into the small intestine, whereby the acid is neutralised and further digestion and absorption occurs. Whatever you ate is now all a certain pH, which is of course, the same as everything else within the small intestine.

And as to the prevention of cancers and the idea that cancers will not growing in an alkaline body. There are cancers (leukemia and lymphoma to name a few) that thrive within the alkaline environment of our blood, which, if you remember, must remain slightly alkaline (or you will DIE).  

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